But we’ve had a lot of chuckles over the past three years thinking of how our last names, put together, sound like a stodgy, old Yankee firm.  Alas, we couldn’t sell our services as general know-it-alls, which is our shared and cardinal aptitude.  Really!  We’re naturals at solving most any problem, musing over details, and creating something of beauty (or at least something organized) out of chaos.

But what we concluded over the past three years of friendship is we have kept up a robust letter-writing discipline through Goodreads.com, posting letters to each other almost every business day; and it has been a most rewarding daily activity.  Naturally we find ourselves to be terribly clever and insightful so it seemed only right to share ourselves and our keen intellectual powers and creativity with the great masses.

But seriously, we agreed to challenge each other to take our writing to a new level – to broaden our sense of audience.  We hope this blog will demand an even higher level of effort (perhaps quality?) from us.

So here goes…

Oh, and I’m Michael and she’s Deborah.  You’ll see multiple posts from both of us.